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The Mask (n.); To Mask (v.)

By Grace Boroughs & Alex Imbot There’s the cruel lie that we suffer for, and the public must not know.So, we go through life with a ghastly mask, and we’re doing fairly well, While they break our hearts, oh, they kill our hearts! do the things we must not tell.  (Henry Lawson, 1910) In Philadelphia, crisesContinue reading “The Mask (n.); To Mask (v.)”

Hope is Useful

Or: Why Imagination Machine Exists By Tsemone Ogbemi I came up with the idea for Imagination Machine, a newsletter that focuses on work in climate science, art, and activism, in early June. It is a product of the frustrations that I (and I expect many others in the United States) have been experiencing over theContinue reading “Hope is Useful”

Stirring Up Dust [Part I]

If, as anthropologist and cultural theorist Mary Douglas writes, dirt is “matter out of place,” then what can be say about dust, which in a way is just dirt, airborne? How can we even define the boundaries of a place as nebulous and indeterminate as “the atmosphere?” Most importantly, how does the figure of dust (and smoke and clouds and exhaust and fog and haze) open up alternative ways of thinking about people, place, and air pollution?


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