Art, science, and climate activism newsletter now live!

What expertise can be brought to bear on the climate crisis? With deep social and ecological impacts, it’s going to take a village…

One Beyond the Lab project tackles the role that experts in the imagination can play to solve, or at least mitigate the crisis. This is Imagination Machine, a brand new weekly newsletter on projects that combine art, science and climate activism. It’s written by BTL team member Tsemone Ogbemi with the goal of spotlighting artists’ personal, creative, quotidian, and sometimes nebulous efforts to combat the climate crisis. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s issue, about Katie Paterson’s Future Library:

“Scottish artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library is a silviculture project. It’s also a time capsule. In 2014, Paterson planted 1000 trees in a forest just north of Oslo, Norway, in an area called Nordmarka. Every year, she commissions a book by a prominent author (past contributors include Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell) to be printed on the paper made from those trees when they are eventually old enough to be cut down. The books are held in trust – none will be published until the year 2114.” 

The Imagination Machine newsletter aims to foster hope in its readers by encouraging them to begin a n honest conversation about what an optimistic future might look like in light of the climate crisis, so that they can begin to take steps toward realizing that future with their own work.

Imagination Machine is sent out every Thursday morning. Click here to subscribe!

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