A Field Guide to Climate Change

by Danny Cooper

This summer I’ve developed the My Climate Story: Beyond Humans project using iNaturalist. I’ve been in tune with my surroundings and honed my skills at noticing the species around me. My iNaturalist account has accumulated over 150 observations and countless friends and family members have sent me species they’ve seen. I’m incredibly happy to end the summer with a project I’ve enjoyed creating and participating in, a project that anyone with a camera and an attentive eye can engage in. With all the observations and climate stories I’ve told, I’ve created a “Field Guide to Climate Change” photobook. The photobook tells stories from the places I’ve been this summer. Climate change is everywhere – not every story is extraordinary or spectacular and you don’t have to travel to edge of the world to see it. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and looking at these pictures. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and editing this together, and I’m proud to share the Beyond Humans Field Guide to Climate Change. You can either check out the JPEG images or download the PDF file below!

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