Art, science, and climate activism newsletter now live!

What expertise can be brought to bear on the climate crisis? With deep social and ecological impacts, it’s going to take a village… One Beyond the Lab project tackles the role that experts in the imagination can play to solve, or at least mitigate the crisis. This is Imagination Machine, a brand new weekly newsletterContinue reading “Art, science, and climate activism newsletter now live!”

Collective Thread: Midnight Oil by Bilal Motley

By Tsemone Ogbemi On Monday, June 22, 2020, to mark the year since the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery exploded on June 21, 2019, our collaborative research group, Beyond the Lab, gathered on Zoom to watch Bilal Motley’s documentary, Midnight Oil. Motley was an employee at the PES refinery for thirteen years and was there whenContinue reading “Collective Thread: Midnight Oil by Bilal Motley”